Are you in an ongoing battle with your weight and food?

Do you 'Start Again' every Monday, trying to 'Eat Healthily'?

BUT, does 'Eating Healthily' for you often mean feeling hungry during the day, then over eating at night?

Do you TRY to eat healthily but find yourself craving all the "wrong" foods?

Do you blame yourself for having no willpower, and keep 'starting again', only to end up in the same place?



Spend 4 nights with us on a Mindful Eating Retreat learning how to nourish yourself with easy, wholesome meals, how to heal your body with simple nutritious food, and learning some mindful strategies to take away.



You'll learn HOW to eat nutritious, delicious food with NO deprivation;

HOW to a) reduce cravings and b) respond to them better when they do occur;

Most importantly, you'll learn how to let go of the guilt you feel around food, and feel FREE to eat truly healthily, in a way that works!

Cooking Great Food

A half day cookery class with hands on prep and cooking, to help you get started on cooking from scratch with fresh, organic ingredients.  You'll also get a full recipe pack to take away.

Mindful Eating

Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindful Eating, so you have tools and resources other than food when you get stressed!

Nourishing Body and Mind

Develop an understanding of the 'Bigger Picture', which opens up permission to take better care of yourself, by eating in a nourishing, energy giving and completely guilt free way.

Who and What is Involved...

As well as the core work of spending time together as a group learning about mindfulness, breaking any habit of emotional eating, you will also have a several structured sessions in the following areas:

Learning to Cook DELICIOUS Nutritious Food!

So many clients of mine are not sure how to cook from scratch, years of buying packaged and labelled foods can make it challenging to cook.  Ciara from Macalla Organic Farm, will host a half day demonstration of vegetarian cookery, designed to give you lots of easy and quick recipes to take home with you.

This will be a 'hands on' session to practice actually cooking her recipes too.  This workshop will truly change your mind about how easy it is to cook nutritious and delicious food from scratch, and that will leave you more than satisfied and totally guilt free!

Throughout your stay with us on Macalla farm, you will have plenty of informal opportunities to learn more about delicious, nutritious food. From baking sourdough bread to fermenting, and creating delicious, nutritious smoothies and snacks, this is the underlying theme of the entire retreat - learning how to feed yourself in a nourishing, natural way, and beginning to heal areas of your health through food.

Mindfulness for Emotional Eating

As well as learning about, cooking and eating great, nutritious food, the core theme of the week is becoming more MINDFUL about your eating.

Over the course of the Retreat, there will be meditation, mindfulness and Mind/Body Connection sessions too. We'll be learning to dial down that Inner Critical Voice (you know, your Inner Mean Girl!), and re-connecting with our body in a way that doesn't involve disgust, shame or guilt.  You'll have a toolkit of resources to take home with you to continue using long after we leave Mayo.

Shamanic Healing

Thoughts like "I’m not good enough" or "I don’t deserve..." can keep you locked into old unhelpful and punishing behaviours like emotional eating.  Martin Robbins, Shamanic Healer is joining us on Sunday 26th.  The group will be spending a full day with Martin, working on clearing lots of old beliefs and blocks that we can all carry inside us on an energetic, subconscious level.

When you clear the old energy, the grip of old behaviours can disappear, and leave you free to make better, more nourishing, mindful choices.  Martin's session will be very freeing and he is hoping (weather dependent) to culminate the day with an outdoor Fire Ceremony!


The retreat is designed to give you lots of guidance, tools and takeaways, but also gives you plenty of time to spend alone, walking, reflecting, maybe journaling and generally taking time out to really think about, and re-think, your relationship to food and your body.  Whatever balance you feel is right for you, is yours to decide.

Feedback from previous clients

Hi Emma, I just wanted to let you know how sincerely appreciative I am for all of the work you did with me over the past year and a half. Now that I'm Recovered (It feels so great to FINALLY say that!), I can appreciate the enormous benefit it was to have you  "hold the mirror" up to me and my mind and tell it like it was, whether I liked to hear it or not! I loved how you were able to explain things to me in my terms. Thank you so much for allowing me to learn the right 'set of tools' to use for the future. I really do feel like a caterpillar that has become a butterfly. I actually have a LIFE and a FUTURE and even better, I'm excited about it. Couldn't have done it without you in my corner.  Warmest regards, Gill.

There were many eye-openers throughout my counselling work with Emma.  Particularly interesting to me were tools such as the "Lapse-Relapse-Collapse" charts and the 20-Minutes-Delay method. These are tools which I still apply today. During my sessions, I particularly appreciated the way Emma managed to get me out of my "tear attacks" through her calm, understanding, supportive, yet directive way of questioning and explaining. I really appreciated the counselling sessions and would recommend Emma Murphy to anyone looking for a really good, very professional, very understanding and witty counsellor in the field of eating disorders.” (Binge Eating Disorder)

My thought processes surrounding food and exercise were completely turned around during the time I spent with Emma. It's amazing to think back to that difficult, regimented period of time in my life and compare it to how I deal with the same everyday situations I encounter now. A mere four months after I first walked into the cosy consultation room I cycled from Croatia to Athens with my boyfriend - a spectacular experience that I wouldn't have been able to complete without the support and guidance I obtained at Counselling Care Cork. Thank you ever so much Emma. (Overexercising and Restrictive Eating)

What Is Included

This retreat is fully inclusive and covers all meals, all activities listed above and accommodation in a choice of single or room sharing basis.  The Retreat is very suitable for Pairs – i.e. sisters, friends, cousins, to attend together, so you can continue to support each other and stay on track after you leave.

Macalla Farm is beautifully situated on Clare Island, off the coast of Mayo, with stunning sea views and beautiful walks and hikes around the Island. You will have plenty to time to simply relax, take care of yourself and reflect whilst on our retreat.

All meals will be vegetarian, giving your body a great opportunity to detox and repair over the course of your time on the Island.

You will leave us Feeling Better, Sleeping Better and with More Energy – and you can feel secure in the knowledge that you have laid the foundation, and have tools and resources that you need to continue the good work you will have put in place during the retreat.


Retreat Plus 8 Week Online Group Program

Although you know you struggle with food, weight and body image, you probably also know there are other factors feeding into the problem - after all, it is not called Emotional Eating for nothing!

So if you know there are other issues that need work, in particular the A, B, C's - Assertiveness, Boundaries and Communication, then this package is the right option for you.

You have the option of signing up for an all inclusive Package of the 4 night Retreat, followed up with an 8 Week Online Group Program, and finishing with a final 1 day Retreat.

This package is a truly unique opportunity to not only get away, and get some skills and knowledge around food and eating well, but to really consolidate it through the support and accountability that a group offers.

I’ve worked with individuals and groups of women who struggle with their relationship to food and their own bodies for nearly 10 years now, so I know what the common blocks, difficulties and emotional triggers are.  Topics include:

  • Assertiveness and saying NO;
  • Self-Care, and dialing down the Inner Critic;
  • Breaking the HABITS of Emotional Eating, Grazing and Bingeing (this is a brain/autopilot issue, not a personal weakness);
  • Mindful and Intuitive Eating;
  • Mind/Body Connection - tools and techniques for reducing stress in the body and mind, which clears the way to make better choices.

Over the 8 weeks we will work together once a week online, as a group, but you’ll also have access to a Secret Facebook Group for ongoing support, Q&A, feedback and of course sharing of anything from breakthroughs to recipes between group members for the entire duration of the program.

Included in the 8 Weeks is an individual session with Rachel Barry, Registered Nutritional Therapist, to support you with an individual, customised nutritional rehabilitation plan.

We’ll finish the program by coming together again as a group for a one day retreat, which will help you bring together everything you’ve learned, and leave knowing you have everything you need to live a healthy, balanced life free of food guilt, and instead based on peace of mind.

Your Investment


4 nights all-inclusive accommodation, meals, all activities and facilitated sessions.


Retreat Only Twin Sharing: €695

Retreat Twin Sharing Plus 8 Week Program: €1,295

Instalment for Twin Sharing plus 8 Week Program: 3 Instalments of €530 payable in February, March and April.


Retreat Only Single Occupancy: €895

Retreat Single Plus 8 Week Program: €1,495

Instalment for Single Occupancy plus 8 Week Program: 3 Instalments of €600 payable in February, March and April.

Have a Question, or Want to Sign Up? Email Me....

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have, with no obligation, on emma(at)  Or just call me on 087 9111390.

Meet Your Facilitators

Emma Murphy MIACP, Psychotherapist 

"Hi, I'm Emma"

I have worked almost exclusively in the area of Food, Body Image and Eating Disorders, with individuals, groups and online, for the past eight years. For the past two years I've also worked with clients - individual women and couples - challenged by infertility.  In the past two years I returned to study and completed a post graduate program in Mindfulness for Health Professionals, and I love the changes that can occur when mindfulness is brought into daily life, especially when clients can become more mindful around food and eating.

The bigger picture for me with all my female clients is really around our femininity, our role in today's world, the 'scarcity' mindset we've all developed (not good enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not young enough), and the truly damaging comparison culture we've been sucked into with the social media boom.

I am passionate about supporting women in finding their own true purpose, and learning how to let go of judgement - both of themselves, and what they perceive other people's judgement of them to be. To me, food is an essential staple of life, not just for energy and nutrition, but a key part of how we socialise and spend time with friends and family - so if you are constantly battling with food, how can you fully participate in and enjoy life and time with people who are important to you?

Prior to returning to education and retraining at the age of 30, I worked in small business development as part of the Chambers of Commerce.  I had previously worked in banking and in the wine trade – setting up and running Mitchells Wine Guild for Mitchell & Sons Wine Merchants in the mid-1990’s. This was my first taste of retreat work, escorting groups of wine enthusiasts to beautiful wine regions in Europe! However, like many of my clients, I went through something of a career crisis at 30, and decided to return to study and qualify in Psychology and Psychotherapy. I've never looked back since, (but still enjoy a good glass of wine!).

Anne Maire Callaghan - Mind/Body Specialist

"Hi, I'm Anne Maire"

Anne Maire Callaghan is a certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. During the last 15 years she has also trained in Reflexology, Kundalini Reiki and EFT.  Being diagnosed with ME at the age of 16 Anne Maire began her journey into alternative medicine learning about nutrition, meditation and the mind body connection. While working in commercial environments she managed to keep a foot in both worlds, by continuing to learn and grow professionally and in her spiritual practice developing her knowledge and skills. As a certified Coach and Trainer she is able to adapt and gauge the best tools for groups or individuals, allowing for rich and authentic experiences.

Passionate about the Body/Mind connection, Anne Maire will be facilitating sessions that will really help you to re-connect with your body in a loving, non-judgmental way.  Over time, diets and weight loss can ‘divorce’ us from our bodies.  We have such as strong image in our heads of what we ‘should’ look like, and so many messages from the world (social media, anyone?) about what women ‘should’ look like, or what we all ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be eating, that we completely lose the vital connection between our bodies and our brains!

Committed to true good health, exploring the planet and the life we're given, Anne Maire tries not to take herself too seriously, understanding she's a work in progress, like everyone else. She also enjoys a glass of good red with her friend, Emma!


Martin Robbins BA (Psych), Shamanic Healer

"Hi, I'm Martin"

Martin enjoyed a successful career as a Chef for many years in the U.K. He had always been aware of the healing ability he had in his hands and following the mantra: ”Timing is everything”, completely changed his life and trained in various massage techniques. Loving the new work and career but still felt he hadn’t found the work he was here to do until he discovered Shamanism. It was more of a remembering as if he had practiced the philosophies before in another life. This revelation changed everything again and after an intensive 2 year training, moved to Ireland simply because that was where he felt he should be to continue his spiritual growth.
8 years later, still on the greatest adventure of his life, his practice continues to grow and evolve and this is reflected in his healing work, artwork, channelled writings and love of teaching others to know the power within themselves and connect with the powerful, spiritual resources available to them.
Martin is delighted to be a part of the Irish School of Shamanic Studies helping people to fully express their gifts and potential and find the work and way of being that will help bring them a strong sense of purpose, heal the wounds of the past and find the fulfilment they seek.
Martin is Author of "A Concise Guide To a life on Earth" which is available across Ireland. Martin is also a writer with Atlantis Eire - holistic health & Celtic Spirit magazine, Irelands # 1 holistic Spiritual magazine.

Have a Question, or Want to Sign Up? Email Me....

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have, with no obligation, on emma(at)  Or just call me on 087 9111390.

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