"Hi, I'm Emma"

Hello there, and thanks for downloading this free eBook - Breaking The Cycle of Emotional And Binge Eating - which I know you will find informative and thought provoking. 

Clients can often be in denial about the impact their disordered eating is having on other parts of their lives. They are aware on some level, but maybe not 'joining the dots'. A key part of being Ready, Willing and Able to commit to change, and recovery, is to first Start From Where You Are.  If your plan is to be somewhere else before you start changing, or if you are not accepting the reality of your current situation, then change cannot happen, because you are not focusing on the right thing.

The focus of this free e-book is exactly that, to gently guide you through acknowledging the problem and how it is impacting on various areas of your life, because THEN you can choose which area to focus on and begin the process of change (and that's not always food either!). 

Once you’ve signed up below, you’ll receive an email with your copy of the eBook, and you’ll also get my contact details.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or questions, I am happy to help.

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