I have just finished listening to Brené Brown’s audiobook, “The Power of Vulnerability”.  Having paid for the book on Audible, I was surprised (and a little peeved!) to find it in full on YouTube, but then, I can’t listen to You Tube in my car which is where I do most of my audiobook listening.

From living in scarcity, which we do today, despite having more (materially) than we will EVER need, to allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, and right through to what living wholeheartedly looks like, Brené journey is honest, thought provoking and sometimes very funny.

I URGE you to listen to this book, in full.  Brené has brought together many of the aspects of counselling and therapy with clients who are struggling with Eating Disorders, or just struggling to live in a wholehearted way.  She is a funny, engaging speaker, very easy to listen to, and is very open and honest about her own vulnerabilities and what she struggles with.


Emma Murphy MIACP