I’m really excited to be finally re-launching my new look online, self-help program for Bulimia and Binge Eating for Online Program Logoboth women and men. Click here to go to the online course website:


This Online Eating Disorder Course is a 12 week, self-guided program for any adult experiencing distress as a result of a dysfunctional relationship with food.

In response to the number of women and men struggling with eating distress who find it extremely difficult to ask for help, I developed an online, self-help program that anybody over the age of 18 can purchase and work through safely and confidentially.

Working as I have with clients struggling with Bulimia, Binge-Eating Disorder and Anorexia, both in a group setting, and individually for over six years, I realized how difficult it was for some clients with Eating Disorders to come forward and ask for help, and in particular for men with any form of eating distress or body image issues.

Clients with any form of eating disorder tend to have a similar personality type.  They tend to be perfectionistic, high achieving and think in a very black and white, all or nothing way.  Clients also tend to be seen as the ‘strong’ person in their family or social group, the person everyone else turns to with their problems.  It is therefore very difficult for them to admit that THEY have a problem, and most clients have an absolute fear or dread of appearing vulnerable or needy to people in their lives.

Through working with the clients who did make it into the group, or into individual therapy, I began to realize how big a barrier this fear really was for clients struggling with food and/or their body image, and I decided to adopt my group therapy sessions to an online format, so clients could access the information safely and confidentially at home.

The programs are media rich, using a combination of Therapist delivered psycho-education, downloadable written exercises, and feedback from our ‘Virtual Group’, which reflects real client feedback.  The online programs are an effective and practical first step towards understanding more about your eating disorder, what purpose it serves in your life, and can begin to give you other options.

The program will not ‘cure’ you of your eating disorder, or make it go away, but they will give you some time and space to reflect on how you are currently living your life, and we hope you will begin to see an alternative way of living, without your eating disorder.  After that, it’s up to you.

The Program aims to give users practical guidance and strategies to:
•    Reduce negative behaviours like bingeing, purging, restricting food intake or over-exercising;
•    Understand what drives these behaviours and begin to address the real issues;
•    Improve assertiveness and communication with others;
•    Begin to address unresolved issues and messages from early family experience* (if relevant)

For more information and to sign up for limited free access to some of the course material, click on this link to access the website for the Online Program for Bulimia and Binge Eating.

SEI LogoEmma Murphy is a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Elevator Award Winner, 2012.  This Award was given to Emma Murphy in recognition of her contribution to changing how adults can access psychotherapeutic support, and for making that support more accessible and affordable.

Program Information

Aimed at helping adult women and men, the programs are Therapist designed and led, use a rich media content, and allow users to ‘interact’ with the program via downloadable exercises and getting feedback from our “Virtual Group”.

The Virtual Group is a group made up of:

“Chloe”, a young student heading towards Anorexia

“Jeanette”, a career woman struggling with Bulimia

“Denise”, a young woman struggling with Binge Eating Disorder

“Alex”, a sporty guy struggling with Anorexia Athletica and Bulimia.

Each tutorial is modelled on work I did with my Eating Disorder Therapy Groups in Dublin, Ireland, over a three year period.  The exercises are realistic and relevant.  The feedback from our Virtual Group allows you to see how your answers and responses compare to other clients’ responses.

The program allows you to work on your behaviors and gain some insight into what drives your relationship with food.  With this awareness comes the opportunity to make better choices and maybe to begin changing.


I sincerely hope this program is beneficial for all users, and provides a new way for anyone struggling in pain and silence to begin to tackle their Eating Disorder in a constructive and effective way.

Thanks for your support.