At it is Eating Disorders Awareness Week, there’s lots of media and social media attention  on the topic of Eating Disorders, and this may be triggering you to reflect on your own situation – and what you can do about it.

For anyone who thinks or knows they have an Eating Disorder, but have not yet asked for professional help, I have produced this c.30 minute presentation for you.Help

This video presentation will give you a comprehensive guide on how to ask for help from a professional for the first time. Whether you want to start with a Nutritional Therapist, Psychotherapist/Counsellor or Doctor, everything you need to know is here in this approx 30 minute information video from an Eating Disorder Specialist Psychotherapist.

Apologies for the slightly diminished sound quality – I don’t have a recording studio in my practice! ‪#‎EDAW2016‬