They happen for three reasons (not all at the same time):

1. Your body is craving something specific – like magnesium, which may be why you crave something like chocolate. You will learn today and Wednesday about how to begin balancing out your diet PROPERLY with all the essential nutrients and components your body NEEDS, which significantly reduces cravings.

2. Food manufacturers are WAY ahead of you in understanding what is addictive, and processed foods today are loaded with highly addictive ingredients designed to make you want to eat more of them. So yes, there’s an element of having to detox from cheap, processed sugars and fats so your taste buds can re-set themselves back to normal. But we want, and need, sugar and fat – today’s Challenge will tell you more about this – it’s just a matter of picking the RIGHT version of sugar and fat. Trying to cut them out altogether is a hiding to nothing…..

3. Your ‘hunger’ is not physical, it is emotional. And it is important to know how to separate out your emotions (and what caused you to FEEL like that in the first place), out from your food and eating. Sometimes you are craving comfort, or support, not food.

What cateogory(s) of craving(s) do YOU have?

Emma Murphy MIACP

PS I am running a four night retreat on ‘Eating Freely’, from 23-27 March 2017. On Macalla Organic Farm, you’ll have hands-on cookery demonstrations, learn about Mindful Eating, and have the chance to clear your emotional ‘crap’ that keeps you stuck in any unhelpful behaviours you currently hate – like emotional eating and binge eating. for more information.