It is Eating Disorders Awareness Week this week. I am honoured to have over 2,000 followers on my Facebook page, and I know that a percentage of those followers are 'officially' struggling with an Eating Disorder - by that I mean in recovery from Anorexia, or struggling with Bulimia or Binge Eating Disorder.
However, the other group of followers probably do not identify with having an Eating Disorder at all - most of my followers can be described as what I call 'Serial Dieters'. Starting again every Monday, constantly in a battle with their weight and body image. Following 'diet' rules. Depriving themselves of entire food groups that they see as 'bad' or 'forbidden' foods (carbs, fat, sugar, all three....). Beating themselves up when they 'fail', and then 'over eating' as they see it.
Eating Disorders are complicated because the name itself suggests they are about food. They are NOT about food. They are about Control. And Fear. And Self-Esteem. And Self-Hatred - strong words, but all my clients, in the sanctity of my counselling room, will tell me how much they hate themselves, or hate their bodies.
And this is where almost every follower on my page is similar - because no matter how disordered your relationship with food is, the foundation of that relationship is all about your feelings about yourself.
So for today, day 1 of Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2017, I am re-posting a video I did on FB Live as part of a recent 10 Day Challenge. And I challenge you ALL to think about the message in the video - to NOURISH yourself instead of PUNISHING yourself. Resolving your issues with food,weight and body image STARTS with you being kinder to yourself, TODAY. Not waiting until you are thin enough/small enough/down to a size (fill in your number here) before you start treating yourself well again - because let's face it, it hasn't worked up until now, has it?
#EDAW2017 - Treating Yourself Better Means Eating Yourself Better.
Emma Murphy MIACP
Eating Disorder Specialist

Nourishing vs Punishing Yourself with Food from Eating Disorder Recovery on Vimeo.