#Eating Freely – Day 1 Diary Notes

Breakfast: Potato slices fried in coconut oil, with scrambled egg. Coffee.
I cooked two large extra potatoes yesterday when I was making dinner, to have for breakfast this morning. Coconut oil is massively beneficial to our health so these are totally guilt free potatoes as far as I am concerned. The scrambled egg provided yummy protein – protein at breakfast time helps us feel fuller for longer. And my coffee is Lavazza cafetiere coffee – I have one really good cup of coffee a day, and I put sugar in it – one heaped teaspoon of coconut sugar.

Coconut sugar is not cheap, but as my coffee is the only thing I put it into, it lasts a long time. I may or may not have a second cup some days, but usually I am fine with black tea, camomile or peppermint throughout the day.

Lunch: *Albacore Tuna with avocado, beetroot, feta cheese, spring onion and mayonnaise (full fat), on spelt bread, with real butter.  A cup of black tea, and half a bag of Hunky Dory Cheese and Onion crisps - split with my husband.

I give myself full permission to have crisps every day if I want them. We usually split a multipack bag between us to have with our lunch.  There are no forbidden foods, just quantity choices.  Half a multipack bag is not going to kill me, or cause me to put on 5 lbs. So I have them, and enjoy them.

*I am conscious of mercury for a couple of health reasons, not least because it is very bad for thyroid function and I have an underactive thyroid, so I spend money on albacore tuna and Yellowfin tuna, both of which would be lower in mercury than regular tinned tuna.  Buying a jar of albacore tuna and getting two days worth of sandwiches for two of us as described above however, is far less expensive than buying 2 crappy pre-prepared sandwiches from a convenience shop or supermarket for two days...... think about it! A bit of planning and preparation will allow you to substantially improve the quality of your food intake, and remove a lot of the guilt by KNOWING that what you are eating is all good - after all, YOU made it! So you KNOW what's in it.

Dinner: Prawn "Carbonara".

See the videos for today for more on this.

Journaling, Writing and Gratitude as a Therapeutic and Positive Psychology Tool

I mention Gratitude in the video (see also the attached 'Desire Map' page). One of the main reasons how we benefit from practicing gratitude every day is because our brains are hardwired to pay attention to Threat, and Fear - because these can be dangerous. Positivity is NOT dangerous, therefore our brains tend not to pay as much attention to good things!

So in order to balance out our negative thoughts with more positive thoughts, we actually have to work at paying attention to the positive things that happen each day. Taking time every evening/night before bed to simply write down three things that you are grateful for each day, and/or one thing you felt you did well or handled well during the day can make a difference in a short period of time. You do NOT write down or pay attention to anything negative, just the positive stuff.

Writing is a powerful therapeutic tool - the focus of your brain to a) think about and b) write down plus the action of 'seeing' your own words and reading them back to yourself, means that information gets truly embedded and filed away in your brain. When you don't pay attention to it, it simply slides in and slides out. Our brains are 'Teflon' for positivity, and 'Velcro' for negativity/threat. Remember this! So YOU have to make the effort to 'Velcro' in the positive!