You'll see from the recipes I post that I use coconut oil for cooking almost anything. If not coconut oil, then I use olive oil or butter (as long as you can keep the heat low). If you need a high heat you are better off using coconut oil or sunflower oil, I use Tesco's organic sunflower oil. Rapeseed oil is an alternative too but I don't like the flavour.

Don't be afraid of oils/fats - really! Coconut oil has loads of health benefits. Real butter is FAR more beneficial to you than a nasty chemical 'spread' Watch below the episode of Sugar Free Farm on the player where Ann Widdicome made a spread, whilst two other celebs made real butter - that will help you understand why butter is best! Low fat sprays and all that chemical, artificial stuff is NOT YOUR FRIEND. We are all about real, natural whole food - your body is BUILT to work with real food. It is NOT equipped to deal with processed, chemical rubbish. If you look at labels and there's more than five ingredients.... well that tells you something. If you don't understand what they are - then put it back. If it's 'low fat, no fat, low sugar, no sugar' then it's full of chemicals too - to replace the flavour that was removed.

As an illustration, I am posting here Episode 2 of Series 2 of Sugar Free Farm. Watch it all if you like, but if you just want the butter vs spread segment, Fast Forward to about 27 minutes in where they are having breakfast, and the chat about butter vs margarine. Keep watching, as Ann Widdicome will then make margarine with the nutritionist in the kitchen - ANY low fat spread is the same thing, FYI.

Sugar Free Farm is actually a great program. Obviously it has to be a little bit extreme or it probably wouldn't make for very interesting viewing, but the principals they are trying to educate on are absolutely sound. You can see the beautiful food they eat - all natural, tasty, nutritionally dense, REAL food. You'll find all the episodes on You Tube.

We are running a retreat to Macalla's Organic Island Farm at the end of this month. Full details are available under 'Events'.