Prawn Carbonara 7

Now - I know some of you will FREAK OUT when you see this meal. BUT, I want you to think about this:

1. All the ingredients are fresh, natural food. So your body can completely metabolise them all. You can also substitute bacon (grill your rashers then cut up into bite size pieces), or smoked salmon in it instead of prawns. All delicious.

2. We do not eat like this every day, but I do this dish occasionally as a nice treat on a weekday. Your 'all or nothing' thinking probably 'bans' cream, butter, cheese ..... or would see this dish as very "fattening". I beg to differ. Yes, it's a heavier dish. but watch that 'magical thinking' that one meal will plaster 5 lbs to your hips - it just doesn't work like that. Have the dish and enjoy it!

3. If you give yourself full permission to eat a yummy dinner like this, then how likely are you to want to binge later? I know tonight is a night when I am unlikely to want a cup of tea and a biscuit because I'm completely full now after my lovely dinner! But you know what, if that changes by 9pm, I'll have that tea and biccie, and enjoy it.

4. All Calories are NOT EQUAL. This may be a heavier dish, but your body CAN metabolise and use every single part of it. A binge on biscuits, cake, popcorn, tart, muffins, cereal...... your body will be punished, and injured, by that food. For anyone who did my 10 Day Challenge, remember the calories in and out video? A beautiful meal cooked with fresh, nutritious ingredients trumps by a mile a binge on crap. My dinner is nourishing on all levels. A 'diet' meal - which could trigger a binge later in the evening? Punishing on all levels. If you are not sure what I'm talking about with the 'Noruish vs Punish', scroll back through this page and you'll come to a video of me working on a chalkboard.... watch it to learn more.

Enjoy this meal whenever you decide to make it!

My quantities are for 3 Hungry People, or two adults and two younger kids….


1 good teaspoon of butter (you can use olive oil if you prefer)

One med/large onion

1-2 Cloves Garlic (depends on your taste, I love garlic so I’d go two)

Choice of: Green beans, mange tout/sugar snaps, brown or white mushrooms, or all three!

Prawns – fresh, frozen, pre-cooked or raw, doesn’t matter.

1-2 cartons of Soya Cream, a medium carton of fresh cream, or ¼ -  ½ pint of full fat milk

Salt and Pepper

Fresh or dried dill

Parmesan Cheese – grated

Your Pasta of choice. I used Aldi’s wholemeal fusilli today because it is what I had in the cupboard.  I often use Bunalun’s Organic pastas too. If I can get wholemeal AND organic (Bunalun) then that’s the best combo IMHO.



Put on a saucepan of water with a pinch of salt in it to boil, or boil the kettle.

Chop your onion and crush or chop garlic.

Heat your butter or oil in a non-stick pan, then reduce the heat and add onion & garlic.  Fry until opaque.

Add your pasta to your boiling water in the other pan.





Add your chopped veg to the onion and garlic to sauté, and add a few grinds/shakes of salt and pepper. If you are using dried dill, add this now as well – add to your taste, if using fresh dill, hold off for now.

Now add your soya cream, fresh cream or milk (note milk will give you a runnier sauce, unless you want to make a proper white sauce from scratch in another pan!) I would use one carton of soya cream at this stage, and hold the other one until I see how it is looking – I ended up using 1.5 cartons today.

Give all this a stir and allow the flavours to infuse a little bit – you want the sauce to take up the garlic and onion flavours so just give it a minute here, on a lowish heat.

Then add your prawns … again, give it a minute here, then add your fresh dill if you are using it, a good 1-2 tablespoons of chopped dill, and your grated parmesan cheese, to your taste.






Although I use soya cream instead of fresh cream/milk due to an intolerance of cow dairy milk, I can’t say I’m mad about the flavour of it, so I use garlic, herbs and cheese in my cream sauces to help with that!  By the time I am finished, no trace of the original soya cream flavour remains…..

Finally, drain your pasta which should be done by now, then toss it through your sauce and stir through for a minute or so. Then turn off the heat and put a lid on the pot while you set the table!