Diet vs Mindful Eating

Day 4 of Eating Disorders Awareness Week. And again, my theme for this week is to Ditch the Diet, and Find Peace with Food.

I am all about MINDFUL Eating - if you are eating mindfully, then it is hard to truly over eat or binge. One guidepost I use all the time with clients, during my 10 Day Challenge and anywhere I get a chance, is the question "Will This Nourish Me or Punish Me?" The second step then is to ALLOW yourself the treat, but in a smaller, more nourishing quantity.

Eating Mindfully means you sit down to eat it. Make a tea or coffee. Give yourself permission to eat the treat, and then eat it slowly. Taste every mouthful, savour it, enjoy it. Don't read, watch TV or surf on the web whilst you eat (mindlessly, trying to ignore the fact that you are eating at all). That is what leads to bingeing.

Remember, "Will This Nourish or Punish Me?" And then eating it mindfully, will change your perspective. Having a long list of forbidden foods doesn't work - that just gives you one chance to fail every day.