OK, so I am going to try something new this week. I am going to report onto the page about how I am eating, and exercising, so you all have an opportunity to see how I live my mantra of eating freely, and feeling pretty much guilt free all the time - no matter how well or 'badly' I might be doing!

For anyone who has done my 10 Day Facebook Challenge, you'll see some of the tools we covered there being put into action. Even if you haven't done my 10 Day Challenge, you will learn some strategies to help break the cycle of 'Diet-Crash-Binge-Diet' and even better, let go of guilt.

So many clients I see have one key block to being able to work this out - THEIR OWN BELIEF SYSTEMS. The 'All or Nothing', perfectionistic, "I'm either succeeding or failing" mindset is one of the key factors that gives you just ONE opportunity to fail every day, instead of multiple opportunities to succeed.

So, I'm starting my experiment today, to share with you all what my day looks like and how I navigate my way through it, in the hope that it will help/inspire/encourage you to begin thinking differently, and then acting differently.

If you sign up to follow my Facebook Page, you'll find the daily posts under the hashtag #EatingFreely and the relevant day we are on, and I'd love you all to get involved by posting your own 'Imperfect Actions' each day with the hashtag #EatingFreely.

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Thanks for choosing to follow my progress and to learn what #EatingFreely REALLY looks like!!