Fear of fighting

Dealing with Feelings Through Food

“Many people are afraid of their feelings, especially the so-called negative emotions.  They are afraid they can’t handle their pain, that it will overwhelm them.  They are afraid that if they allow themselves to feel their loneliness it will last forever, that if they fully experience their anger they will do hurtful, destructive things.  They…

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De-Scrooging (and Being Mindful) at Christmas

De-Scrooging (and Being Mindful) at Christmas Guest Blogger Chris McConnell, CBT, ACT and Mindfulness Therapist, has written some timely words on managing anxiety, stress and depression at this time of year. De-Scrooging Yourself this Christmas Watching an advertisement on Irish TV recently, showing two employees going to great lengths to de-scrooge their boss, who on…

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Do you Avoid Conflict?

I was recently asked to write an opinion piece for Ireland’s largest online newspaper, thejournal.ie.  Based on a previous blog I wrote, they asked for a piece on body image and the media, which I wrote for them and had published on 13 December.  Here’s the link if you are interested: http://jrnl.ie/303035. However, on foot…

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