Mindfulness for Emotional Eating

This Four Session Online Program – Mindfulness for Emotional Eating – is designed to lead you through your Emotional Eating Habits in a constructive journey.

At each stage, you’ll learn new information about how your brain works, why Emotional Eating can RARELY be stopped with Willpower alone, and how to apply different levels of Mindfulness in order to 1) change How, What and Why you Eat and 2) Help you learn how to Eat, Sleep and Feel Better about yourself using mindfulness and other practical tools and strategies.

– 4 Sessions, Pre-Recorded, which you can access any time;
– Webinar Style, with mindfulness and other exercises built into the sessions for you to complete;
– Feedback from Live Program Participants for comparing with your own responses;
– Further resources in each session for you to use between sessions and after the program ends.

Session 1: Willpower Vs SKILLPOWER
Understanding why willpower won’t work on its own;
Understanding the Habit Loop, and how to break it;
Using HALT to break the ‘All Or Nothing’ thinking that drives a day or days of bingeing.

Session 2: Habit Interruption and Calming The Mind
Exploring Habit Interruption Strategies – even if you start, you can still Stop;
Learning to eat less ‘mindlessly’, but without deprivation;
Know when your Inner Chimp gets activated, and how to calm it down!

Session 3: Applying Mindfulness as a Motivator for Positive Change
Understand the function of you Inner Critical Voice and be able to challenge it;
Become more aware of how the past plays out in the present, and how to break that connection;
Understand how Self-Compassion and Mindfulness can really TRANSFORM how you choose to tackle your Emotional Eating.

Session 4: How to Keep Going!
Increasing the Size of your World;
Moving On – A Roadmap of Do’s, Don’ts, and Key Points to Remember;
Review and Close.

Sign up Today, and begin to change your relationship with food and your body/weight, FOREVER. The Pre-Order Early Bird fee is just €79. The program will be launched on 14 July 2016, full price is €97.