Eating Freely 8 Week Program

Find and work with a Certified Eating Freely Therapist near you, or online - coming soon!


Due to an ever increasing number of enquiries about working with me personally, I have begun to train other qualified Therapists in my Eating Freely program.

You can now register your interest to be a 'Case Study' for the next group of Therapists completing this training in October 2018.  This will allow you to attend 8 sessions with a Therapist under my supervision, for the low fee of just €200.  To work with me the fee is normally €997, so it is a significant saving!


Every Monday, you will receive an email containing a recorded lesson, some with written exercises to do and/or downloadable resources to begin using straight away.

During the week you will attend your individual session with your Eating Freely Therapist.

As a case study, you will be asked to complete a pre- and post program questionnaire, so we can evaluate your honest opinion of our program.

And that's it!  You can look forward to a Christmas of FREEDOM around food, parties, socialising and being able to wear your clothes comfortably.  What a gift to give yourself...


We use a combination of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Neuroscience and Mindfulness throughout the program to give you a great toolbox of resources you can begin using straight away, and continue to build on after we finish our work together.

CBT Tools and Resources give you concrete, usable tools that help you significantly reduce bingeing, emotional eating and overeating episodes;

Neuroscience education will teach you how your brain works, why it can be your worst enemy when trying to change or break bad, unhealthy and unhelpful habits, and how you CAN break free of both your old behaviours, AND dial down that negative, critical voice in your head;

Mindfulness brings you back into the present moment, where you can choose to behave differently, challenge your unhelpful thoughts and learn how to calm yourself and reduce anxiety.

Nutritional Rehabilitation - The 8 Week Program also includes one full recorded video session from our consultant Registered Nutritional Therapist.  When your gut has been abused the way my clients' guts have been abused, it contributes HUGELY to the 'brain fog', lack of motivation, low mood and completely skewed hunger/not hungry cues.  This is a critical component of the program, and not to be missed!

This truly is a unique opportunity to finally break free from the cycle of restricted/diet led eating, and bingeing/overeating, and FINALLY learn how to eat well, with no deprivation, in a way that truly supports health, wellbeing AND weight loss in a very healthy, SUSTAINABLE way.

INTERESTED? Register your interest now to be allocated to an Eating Freely Therapist as their Case Study in October:

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Testimonials from previous clients:

Elizabeth, 27 - Brighton, UK

As cliched as it sounds contacting Emma and taking up online counselling with her has been one of the best decisions of my life. 12 weeks ago I was in a very dark place where my eating disorder had taken over my life.

I knew I desperately needed help but I didn’t want to use your average therapy session for various reasons. Partly because I didn’t think there was anyone locally that I thought would be suitable for what I was looking for but also because I just could not face sitting in a room with a therapist and talking about my struggles and issues.  I felt it would be more relaxing and comfortable environment for me having a therapy from my own home. I had done many face to face sessions with various therapists over the years but none of them led to anywhere near the same results as I have achieved with Emma.

She has been wonderful, encouraging and extremely helpful from the day one and I could not praise her enough.  I felt absolutely at easy with her right from the start. Over the 12 weeks that I have been seeing her I have made some major improvements in my life and I am getting to a stage where I am no longer letting my past eating disorder control me. Emma says it has been me who has done the work but in my eyes there is no way I would have ever got to the stage without her help. I could not recommend online counselling with Emma enough.

Ann, 45 - Canada

I have had the pleasure of working with Emma for 6 months.  She has been instrumental in helping me reclaim my life from an enduring eating disorder.  This important work has supported me in living a happier, more peaceful life where I am free to live authentically instead of from my anxieties and fears.  This work has been done via the computer, which I highly recommend.  

At first I wondered if I would get what I needed via this modality.  These concerns quickly disappeared after a few sessions when I learned I could explore the issues underlying my disorder and be educated on the different skills and strategies I needed to acquire and practice to recover.  

I also have appreciated being able to do this work in the comfort of my own home in a confidential and secure manner.  Thank you Emma for your knowledge, passion and compassion in supporting me to build the life I have always wanted.

 Anonymous Client 1 with Binge Eating Disorder

There were many eye-openers throughout my counselling work with Emma. Not only during the sessions themselves, but also at home when applying the tools Emma introduced to me over the course of the counselling. Particularly interesting to me were tools such as the "Lapse-Relapse-Collapse" charts and the 20-Minutes-Delay method. These are tools which I still apply today.

During my sessions, I particularly appreciated the way Emma managed to get me out of my "tear attacks" through her calm, understanding, supportive, yet directive way of questioning and explaining. I really appreciated the counselling sessions and would recommend Emma Murphy to anyone looking for a really good, very professional, very understanding and witty counsellor in the field of eating disorders.

 Anonymous Client 2, Overexercising and Restrictive Eatingr

My thought processes surrounding food and exercise were completely turned around during the time I spent with Emma. It's amazing to think back to that difficult, regimented period of time in my life and compare it to how I deal with the same everyday situations I encounter now.

A mere four months after I first walked into the cosy consultation room I cycled from Croatia to Athens with my boyfriend - a spectacular experience that I wouldn't have been able to complete without the support and guidance I obtained at Counselling Care Cork. Thank you ever so much.

 Anonymous Client 3 with Binge Eating Disorder

Emma is able to judge whether I need her to be soft with me or tough, and that balance works very well for me. She listens and shares back what she's hearing or can give anecdotal stories to help me understand something.  Emma has the right balance of empathy and tough love that suits me very well. I didn't want to "get away with stuff" like I've seen other people do in therapy. There's no point going if you're not really going to work on things. 

Sometimes I hated the sessions, but that's because we had to dig into tough issues. I was always grateful to have Emma there to support me as I struggled to push forward or needed time to wallow before I could move on.  I was afraid at times that she'd get fed up with me because I couldn't always make myself deal with stuff. I did ask her though, and she always reassured me that that wouldn't happen. We'd work together as long as we both agreed that it was helpful.

 Anonymous Client 4 with Binge Eating Disorder

I've tried many therapists who I feel wait to listen for a trigger and jump on it like a grenade. Emma really listened to me.  No frilly soft speaking therapist talk. Like having a chat with a good friend and working through a few problems. 

I just want to thank you Emma, I saw you before my final year in college, following our sessions I had an amazing trip to Italy where I connected with my mom after spending years resenting her for being upset with my unhealthy coping mechanisms. I've since finished college and moved to Los Angeles and have an amazing job where I feel confident and happy. PLUS my mom is on her way out for a holiday soon and I can't wait to see my best friend!

I have you to thank for a lot! You've taught me to be happy in my own skin and break the cycle of eating and being upset with myself and then eating again! You've taught me that a lapse is just that. A temporary thing and now I can draw a line under a bad day or a bad few weeks and get back on track! My weight and food and self-confidence was ruining my life and now I feel like I can take on anything and be happy and successful. You're amazing and I would recommend you to anybody who's going through a tough time! Thanks Emma.

I cannot wait to share my knowledge and expertise in helping you learn how to EAT FREELY through this next generation of Eating Freely Therapists.

Emma Murphy MIACP

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

BA (Hons) Psychology, PGDip Counselling & Psychotherapy, Eating Disorder Practitioner (NCFED), HSE Certified Facilitator.