For Inpatient Treatment Centres and other Support Organisations who work with clients and service users with Eating Disorders, our program is a valuable resource.  Over the years when attending international conferences such as BEDA’s annual conference in both Maryland and Hollywood, I’ve spoken with many organisations – from volunteer led support groups to private inpatient treatment centres.  From these conversations, it is clear to me that online resources are a valuable additional tool to offer service users.

Inpatient Treatment Centres:

When a client is discharged, particularly in the USA a key issue is ongoing support from the treatment centre.  Clients usually come from all over and are geographically dispersed on discharge, so it is difficult for your centre to offer ongoing group support.   Our online program will reinforce much of what your client learned whilst under your care – CBT strategies for managing their negative and unhelpful food behaviours, reminding them about family values and other ‘old’ messages that no longer work for them, and mindful strategies to continue tackling common issues like strict food rules, or using food to manage/displace difficult emotions.

For Community Support and Volunteer Led Organisations

Many service users will avail of a community based support program, either on or offline, for several common reasons:

  1. The person is not yet ready to commit to therapy, or may still be in denial about how serious their Eating Disorder is and how significantly it is impacting on their lives;
  1. The person cannot afford to attend a Therapist on a regular basis;
  1. The person finds the group dynamic valuable and personally effective.

Our online program addresses all of these rationales.  For the service user who is ‘not yet ready’, our program will lead them through many of the key issues associated with Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia.  It offers tools and resources for addressing their more negative behaviours (bingeing, purging, overexercising), as well as mindful strategies for tackling e.g. food rules, and it gives an insight into how the family of origin dynamic MAY have been a factor (and it is not always a factor, as we know!).

If your service user cannot afford to attend a Therapist privately, the program, designed, developed and delivered by an experienced Eating Disorder Specialist Psychotherapist, gives them a very cost effective resource to access alongside the support they are already receiving through your resources.

Upon completion of the program, your service user may or may not decide to progress to a Therapist to get specialist support if that is what they feel is needed next, and of course depending on their capacity to access that support, paid or unpaid.


Eating Disorder Recovery offers several key resources for any adult, male or female, struggling with Binge Eating Disorder or Bulimia.  It is not suitable for Anorexia clients.

Our Award Winning Online Program is a 12 week, online, CBT based program for Bulimia and Binge Eating sufferers.  The program is self-directed, with users given clear instructions on how to log in, access and follow the sequence of sessions over a 12-week period.

The sessions themselves are pre-recorded videos, each with at least one accompanying downloadable written exercise.  You can see a full session by signing up for the Free Trial, available on the “For Professionals” page of our website.  Sessions consist of three main visual segments, plus the accompanying download exercise that is usually completed within the session time – using writing as a therapeutic tool.

Segment 1: Psychotherapist sets the scene for the session, outlining the concept or strategy to be covered;

Activity 1: User downloads the written or experiential exercise and completes same by pausing the video;

Segment 2: On returning to view, the video shows a ‘Simulated Therapy Group’, where the Psychotherapist is shown sitting with a group of clients, each of whom represent a common type of client struggling with an Eating Disorder.  The group are actors, but their dialogue and ‘back stories’ are based entirely on real clients and their real experiences or life stories, making the content highly engaging, interactive and easy to relate to for users. 

Segment 3: The Psychotherapist summarises, offers suggestions for users to try during the week, and closes. 

The program costs just €79 to users for the full 12 weeks, and the downloadable PDF Information Sheet for your clients offers a 25% discount code to them if they choose to purchase the program.  This is around or less than the cost of one session of therapy with a private practitioner, which represents great value.

You are welcome to register on the website yourself and access one full session for free, which is session 2, Goal Setting. This will give you a clear indication of how the program works and the structure and standard of content in each session.  You are also welcome to purchase the program yourself for review, using the discount code – SO2016 – to avail of the 25% discount.


If you wish to offer the program to your clients/patients on discharge as standard, or to service users as a benefit of membership of your group, please contact us via the Contact Form below to discuss Affiliate Rates or Licensing Fees.

Please find below a printable hand out for your clients which explains the program and offers the 25% discount code to them for purchase.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact

Download Information Sheet for Organisations

About the Program Founder


Emma Murphy MIACP is a fully qualified and Accredited Counsellor Psychotherapist with the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. She has advanced training in Eating Disorders from the National Centre for Eating Disorders UK and has worked with clients with Eating Disorders, both individually and in groups, since 2008. Emma is also an Accredited Trainer through FETAC, and recently completed a post graduate program in Mindfulness for Health Professionals.
In 2012, Emma won an Elevator Award from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, in recognition of her work to make Eating Disorders support more accessible and affordable, online.
As well as the 12-week Self-Directed Online Program, Emma now offers Live Online Group Programs on Mindfulness for Emotional Eating. This is a four session model and is again priced for affordability at just €59.