12 Week Program – CBT and Nutritional Rehabilitation for Disordered Eating

Please note that applications to our 12 Week Program are currently very limited, and due to demand we are now running small, select group programs in order to support as many clients as we can.

Please feel free to email if you are interested in group work, which will open again in January 2018.

12 Week Individual Program - CBT and Nutritional Rehabilitation for Emotional & Binge Eating

Hi there, my name is Emma Murphy, and I am an Accredited Psychotherapist specialising in Eating Disorders. For the past eight years I have worked with clients, both individually and in groups, to help them change their relationship with food.

I have a background in brain injury which may not be obviously connected to Eating Disorders, but understanding the neuroscience of eating, how the brain reacts to different foods, and how the brain works with regard to auto-pilot and habit loops is a critical piece of eating disorder recovery, often missing from other Therapists’ treatment models.

I know how difficult it is to change, and how important it is to empower my clients to change, slowly and sustainably, to deliver a lasting difference.  My 12 Week one to one Program will give you a solid foundation in change, that you can continue to work on long after we finish working together.


I will work with you on changing your faulty thinking and helping you to understand how your brain works, so you can challenge those unhelpful ‘habit loops’ of behaviour you so often find yourself in – even when you actively don’t want to.

Understanding the power of Auto-pilot and how to EFFECTIVELY challenge and STOP it is the key. Once we've reduced your bingeing and improved your daily eating, we'll do some work on how you manage feelings and emotions, and also work on building up the ABC skills - Assertiveness, Boundaries and Communication.

At the end of the 12 weeks, you will have a completely different perspective on both your relationship with food, AND how you perceive yourself.


Gut rehabilitation is a key part of our work too – did you know that, apart from the 100 billion neurons in your brain, you also have millions in both your heart, and your gut? That’s why any form of Disordered Eating, at least partially, has such a profound effect on your health and your emotions. Anxiety, depression and of course gut problems are a key feature of disordered eating.  EVERYTHING is triggered when you eat for reasons other than hunger.

Your body is amazing, and it is incredibly resilient, needing only the slightest encouragement from you to heal.  This is why a core component of my 12 Week Program is 1-2 sessions with an experienced Registered Nutritional Therapist, who will give you an individualised eating plan and gut rehabilitation plan, which absolutely accelerates your recovery and underpins LASTING change in both your eating, and day to day functioning overall - feeling better, eating better, sleeping better, looking better.

Through your Nutritional Rehabilitation session(s), you’ll get comprehensive, sensible and customised support for YOU in terms of what you can change in your food choices to both overcome the cravings you have, AND improve your mood, your stress, your sleep and your health.

We schedule appointments with you to ensure you are getting both types of support in the right order.  Your Nutritional Therapy session happens sooner than later, as this will help to significantly reduce cravings, anxiety, brain fog, lack of concentration and any gut issues (IBS, bloating, pain, reflux etc).

This leaves you clearer, more focused and ready to do the deeper work of ending your emotional and binge eating, FOREVER.  Should you need a second, follow up session, that's included too.

As you can see, we work with clients holistically to address every part of the problem, mind and body, through using food and natural supplementation as medicine.

Let’s work together to break those awful cycles of bingeing and beating yourself up you find yourself repeating again and again. Let’s make your gut and belly feel better. Let’s improve your sleep, improve your mood, and most importantly, improve how you feel about YOURSELF.

12 Week Program Fee

TOTAL for 12 Week Program: €997.

Nutritional Rehabilitation - Additional Costs

You must be prepared to follow the nutritional advice on supplementation, and you may need to have an intolerance test – your Nutritional Therapist will give you all the information you need to be able to get that testing done with your own medical practitioner, and the best place to source your supplements depending on where you live.

Please note we simply provide the guidelines and recommendations to you, and make no financial gain from these additional purchases by you. You can purchase supplements, or access testing, anywhere that is convenient to you in your area.

It would be reasonable to expect to spend around €150 in total on supplementation, a test or two if relevant to you personally, and some new foods to add to your eating plan.

How much money have you spent over the years on bingeing foods? How much money have you spent on diet plans, diet programs, gym memberships, and useless pills and potions ‘guaranteed’ to ‘melt your fat away’?

How much money have you spent on doctor appointments, dental appointments and prescribed anti-depressants or anxiolytics, and/or diet plans, gym memberships, personal trainers and even the shadier side of weight loss - diet pills, laxatives, diuretics – all to address the consequences of your emotional or binge eating?

I have worked almost exclusively with all aspects of disordered eating for nearly 10 years now, and out of this experience I have developed this program with an experienced Nutritional Therapist, which we KNOW works.  A regular Counsellor or Therapist may say they have experience with disordered or emotional eating, but most really do not.  I've dedicated my professional life and training to building my expertise in the area of food, weight and body image, and I am absolutely committed to helping as many adults as possible to break free from their unhelpful, unhealthy relationship with food, and themselves.

An investment of 12 weeks, and your own WILLINGNESS to try something completely different, will change the rest of your life. It is that simple.

Testimonials from Previous Clients

Here’s what some of my past clients have to say about working with me:

Female Client with Binge Eating Disorder, (43)

“There were many eye-openers throughout my counselling work with Emma. Not only during the sessions themselves, but also at home when applying the tools Emma introduced to me over the course of the counselling. Particularly interesting to me were tools such as the "Lapse-Relapse-Collapse" charts and the 20-Minutes-Delay method. These are tools which I still apply today. During my sessions, I particularly appreciated the way Emma managed to get me out of my "tear attacks" through her calm, understanding, supportive, yet directive way of questioning and explaining. I really appreciated the counselling sessions and would recommend Emma Murphy to anyone looking for a really good, very professional, very understanding and witty counsellor in the field of eating disorders.” 

Female Client with History of Over-exercising and Restrictive Eating, (28)

“My thought processes surrounding food and exercise were completely turned around during the time I spent with Emma. It's amazing to think back to that difficult, regimented period of time in my life and compare it to how I deal with the same everyday situations I encounter now. A mere four months after I first walked into the cosy consultation room I cycled from Croatia to Athens with my boyfriend - a spectacular experience that I wouldn't have been able to complete without the support and guidance I obtained at Counselling Care Cork. Thank you ever so much” 

Female Client with Binge Eating Disorder (34)

“I've tried many therapists who I feel wait to listen for a trigger and jump on it like a grenade. Emma really listened to me. No frilly soft speaking therapist talk. Like having a chat with a good friend and working through a few problems. I just want to thank you Emma, I saw you before my final year in college, following our sessions I had an amazing trip to Italy where I connected with my mom after spending years resenting her for being upset with my unhealthy coping mechanisms. I've since finished college and moved to Los Angeles and have an amazing job where I feel confident and happy. PLUS my mom is on her way out for a holiday soon and I can't wait to see my best friend! I have you to thank for a lot! You've taught me to be happy in my own skin and break the cycle of eating and being upset with myself and then eating again! You've thought me that a lapse is just that. A temporary thing and now I can draw a line under a bad day or a bad few weeks and get back on track! My weight and food and self-confidence was ruining my life and now I feel like I can take on anything and be happy and successful. You're amazing and I would recommend you to anybody who's going through a tough time! Thanks Emma.”

Female Client with History of Restrictive Eating, Over-Exercising and Bingeing (28)

My 12 Weeks with Online Therapy

As cliched as it sounds contacting Emma and taking up online counselling with her has been one of the best decisions of my life. 12 weeks ago I was in a very dark place where my eating disorder had taken over my life.
I knew I desperately needed help but I didn’t want to use your average therapy session for various reasons. Partly because I didn’t think there was anyone locally that I thought would be suitable for what I was looking for but also because I just could not face sitting in a room with a therapist and talking about my struggles and issues.  I felt it would be more relaxing and comfortable environment for me having a therapy from my own home. I had done many face to face sessions with various therapists over the years but none of them led to anywhere near the same results as I have achieved with Emma. She has been wonderful, encouraging and extremely helpful from the day one and I could not praise her enough.  I felt absolutely at easy with her right from the start. Over the 12 weeks that I have been seeing her I have made some major improvements in my life and I am getting to a stage where I am no longer letting my past eating disorder control me. Emma says it has been me who has done the work but in my eyes there is no way I would have ever got to the stage without her help. I could not recommend online counselling with Emma enough.

You can avail of our 12 Week Program either Face to Face in Sandyford, D18 or Online via our secure, encrypted video counselling platform.  Details are below of the online counselling option.  I work with 3-4 experienced Nutritional Therapists, depending on where you are based.  You can do these sessions online, or in Sandyford, Dartry (D6), Tipperary or Cork.  Face to face is the preferred option for your Nutritional Therapy appointments.

Practical Details of E-Counselling

E-Counselling works exactly the same as face to face counselling, except it is done remotely, between two PC’s or laptops.  This option is suitable for anyone looking for Eating Disorders counselling, but who cannot source a counsellor near to them geographically.

There are one or two guidelines that are important for e-counselling. First it is important to state that e-counselling is more suitable for Binge Eating Disorder or Bulimia sufferers.  It is not as suitable for someone with Anorexia, as usually with Anorexia there is a requirement for a multi-disciplinary approach, i.e. having a medical doctor and a Nutritional Therapist or Dietician involved.  Suitability for e-counselling would therefore have to be determined with an initial assessment, and not everyone will be suitable.

For e-counselling, it is essential that you have a very stable wi-fi connection, and a camera/webcam and microphone enabled laptop or PC.  It is not really appropriate to conduct e-counselling via a phone.  You can see below how the screen is split equally between client and therapist. You’ll need to be running the latest version of Chrome as your browser too.The system we use is encrypted and totally confidential so you can be secure in the knowledge that you are in a safe, private space online.

Please note that applications to our 12 Week Program are currently very limited.  Please feel free to email for information and to check availability.  The first step is a no-obligation online consultation with Emma to chat through the program and ensure it is the right option for you before you commit and pay.

I look forward to meeting you!

Emma Murphy MIACP