You are here because there’s a problem between you and food, or you and your weight, or you and your body image – or you and all of them!

It is incredibly difficult to find the right path to happiness with your body and freedom from guilt when it comes to food. 

There is SO MUCH information out there! Eat this, don’t eat that, take this supplement, follow this regime, download this app….. it is no wonder you are overwhelmed and stuck in the same place of “Today I’m going to eat healthily and stick to it until I’ve lost ‘the weight’ “, which quickly moves to “ah crap – I’ve eaten a muffin….. I’ll start again tomorrow...” and then the wheels fall off the bus as we say here in Ireland.

If this is a snapshot of your average Monday, then you are in the right place.  Whatever you are ready for in terms of help and support, we have it here.

SO, if you are truly tired of the merry-go-round you’ve been on and know in your heart of hearts that what you keep doing, over and over again, is NOT WORKING;

If you want 2017 to be the year you can really get your life back on track – because of course it has been on hold, hasn’t it? Waiting “until…..   I lose weight , or get healthy, or feel better about myself;

If you are Ready, Willing and Able to make REAL changes in how you think about food, how you eat, and how you nourish yourself – physically and emotionally;

Then read on.

It is time to try something different. STOP focusing on food for a while, and instead focus on what’s going on in your head, and your heart. It could change EVERYTHING.

Unlike alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, we cannot live without food, so we must learn how to live with it comfortably, and not see it as our enemy. WE are our own worst enemies – capable of making ourselves feel far worse about ourselves than anyone else can.

emma-front-page-300x300-759-300x300-squareThis Online Eating Disorders Program was designed and developed by Emma Murphy, Counsellor and Psychotherapist specialising in Eating Disorders, to help anyone struggling with any level of disordered eating to access an easy to use program online. 

Through working with individuals and groups in Dublin and Cork over 9 years, Emma realised how difficult it was for clients with an Eating Disorder or weight issues to come forward and ask for help.

Through working with the clients who did make it into the group, or into individual therapy, Emma began to realise how big a barrier this fear really was for clients struggling with food, weight and/or their body image. It was for this reason Emma decided to adopt her group therapy sessions to an online format, so clients could access the information and tools they needed, safely and confidentially at home.

The Program is a 12 week, online, self-directed program that will help you to understand more about WHY you eat when you are not hungry. Diets and exercise plans alone rarely work, our thoughts and feelings are usually the real reason we ‘cannot’ eat right and usually ‘fail’ at losing weight.

What To Know More?

Here is a short demo video of how the online sessions look and feel.  Our ‘Online Group’ who feature in every session are actors. Each group member represents a client with a different type of Eating Disorder.  Every bit of each group member’s dialogue is made up of REAL feedback and feelings from REAL clients.  As you work through the program, you will begin to feel part of their group, and be able to relate your own experiences to theirs – because their feedback is real feedback from real clients who have also gone through what you are going through.

You know your issues with food are about more than just food and weight. They are also about how you feel, or how you deal with your feelings.  This program is designed to support you in two ways:

  1. Plenty of tools, strategies and exercises you can use to help CHANGE how and WHY you eat;  and
  2. Plenty of perspectives on feelings, why they are uncomfortable for you, and how you can LEARN to effectively deal with difficult emotions and events - without food.