If you are a Health Professional working with patients or clients with an Eating Disorder, you may find our program helpful as a resource, both for yourself or your clients / patients.  Keeping an eye on our calendar for our Mindfulness for Emotional Eating Live Online Groups is another excellent resource to advise your clients or patients about, or you may want to attend yourself!  NEXT GROUP: JUNE 2016

Doctors – use the program for your own knowledge and understanding of this specific group of patients, how they think and what the co-morbid issues tend to be.  In fact, a patient presenting with anxiety or depression should, as a matter of course, be screened for an Eating Disorder as there is high co-morbidity between these mental health issues.

Nutritional Therapists – This program can be a very useful additional resource for ED clients, especially if you know they are not attending a Counsellor for that support.

Organisations such as NFP’s or Volunteer Support Groups: This 12 week program is designed and presented by an experienced Eating Disorder Specialist, and represents excellent value for money if your service users cannot afford to attend a Therapist.

Inpatient Treatment Centres:  Our 12 week program is a valuable resource for your clients after they leave, to provide continued support that will echo what they learned during their stay with you.  CBT strategies, reminders of family dynamics and learned values, and mindful strategies around Food Rules or connections between Food & Emotions will give your clients additional resources to work with after discharge.

We are happy to arrange for our program to be made available to groups of service users via designated discount codes.  To review the full program for suitability to your client group, please email  Emma Murphy directly, via our Contact Form.