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As an ED Therapist, should I also be a Coach?

I’ve just returned from the first part of my training as a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders.  Covering ‘Essential Obesity’, the three days intensive training was part re-attending to the core work of a psychotherapist and some timely reminders on certain techniques and models of therapy that can be useful, and part new information for…

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Toxic Mothers

Client “Lisa”: My mother was an alcoholic when I was a child.  She drank for years, but it was never acknowledged.  Even now, she runs a support group for other alcoholics, but she denies that it’s related to her experience.  Every time I try to talk to my mom or dad about the past and…

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Can You Commit to Change?

Today’s blog is about change. Whilst reading “Fat is a Family Affair” (Judi Hollis) yesterday, I was struck by my experience of setting up my latest therapy group for eating distress (which started last night), and Judi’s concept of change in relation to Food Obsession (her conceptualisation of eating distress). From experience in setting up my group, I…

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