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Dealing with Feelings Through Food

“Many people are afraid of their feelings, especially the so-called negative emotions.  They are afraid they can’t handle their pain, that it will overwhelm them.  They are afraid that if they allow themselves to feel their loneliness it will last forever, that if they fully experience their anger they will do hurtful, destructive things.  They…

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Living in Scarcity vs Living Wholeheartedly

I have just finished listening to Brené Brown’s audiobook, “The Power of Vulnerability”.  Having paid for the book on Audible, I was surprised (and a little peeved!) to find it in full on YouTube, but then, I can’t listen to You Tube in my car which is where I do most of my audiobook listening.…

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Do you Avoid Conflict?

I was recently asked to write an opinion piece for Ireland’s largest online newspaper,  Based on a previous blog I wrote, they asked for a piece on body image and the media, which I wrote for them and had published on 13 December.  Here’s the link if you are interested: However, on foot…

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